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HBSwiss – Is it Scam or Reliable Forex System?
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Broker HB Swiss
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Overall Score 9.3/10

Full Review

People who are in the financial trading business have been searching for legitimate means of optimizing their online income. Regardless of the strategies they use and the amount they spend, they want an income that is stable and regular. When automated trading robots started entering the financial world, traders became satisfied knowing that they had finally achieved something that would help them realize their financial freedom.

Many online trading platforms these days allow traders to auto trade forex. A number of software systems have been launched that facilitates trading on a fully automated mode. But the sad fact is that the majority of the recently launched systems are scams. They have been developed to deceive traders and unsuspecting investors.

Recently, our attention was drawn towards HBSwiss trading system. It appeared on the financial trading horizon some time ago and it seems like a legitimate option. Creator Hans Berger is a financial specialist. He combined his experience and training in the high frequency trading field with the quantum physics knowledge of his childhood friend Bastian Hermann in order to make the software fully capable of achieving maximum profitability on investments.

The software they have created is capable of predicting the happenings in the financial markets. It has the potential to execute trades with a high level of accuracy. Upon conducting further investigation, we found out that its interface is smooth and user-friendly. Even the promotional video contains useful information about the software.

We are hugely impressed with what it can do and achieve on behalf of its users. To get more information on what HB Swiss is about, read this full review.

Review Verdict: HB Swiss is Not a Scam

How To Use HBSwiss?

It is easy to use HBSwiss to earn a steady and stable income online. The developing team has implemented quantum computing models into its working mechanism and this is how it is capable of achieving such high success rates. The average return of the software is around 87%.

Experienced traders and novices will enjoy the trading experience with HBSwiss because its interface has been developed keeping user experience in mind. Applied principles of theorists Grover and Shor and Black-Scholes-Merton model of continuous equations have been used to program the software. We haven’t come across any auto trading robot that has been created to such high levels. The creator has made sure that the working mechanism of HBSwiss is easy to understand and online investors are given maximum opportunities for generating profits.

No Download Required

HBSwiss is a browser based auto trading software which means that downloading and installation requirements are non-existent. To access the software, traders only have to sign into their accounts.

Getting Started With HB Swiss Software?

It is easy to get access to the software. The three step procedure is simple and convenient and it takes only about a couple of minutes before traders can initiate the investment process.

Firstly, traders have to fill out a sign up form. Some basic details are required after which access is granted. The next step is to make a deposit with one of the brokers that HBSwiss is compatible with. The starting investment is €250. Lastly, traders can activate the auto-pilot feature of the robot and it will begin generating profits.

Rate of Return

We have seen investors earn over €5,000 on a daily basis with HBSwiss. It has also been confirmed and verified that the average rate of return is 87%. All these positive characteristics of the software combined make it an awesome choice for trading forex.

Is HBSwiss Free?

For the moment, access to the software is free. Anyone can sign up for it and make use of it without paying any fees or costs. The software has been designed according to top Swiss standards by Hans and his team of programming experts and they want online investors to use it without risking any money and know how well it performs.

Later on, the duo may plan an Initial Public Offering. But, those who are granted access to it will be able to use it for a lifetime absolutely free-of-cost.

Is HBSwiss a Scam Software or a Legit Solution?

So far we have provided accurate and reliable information about this new software. We managed to come across close to no discrepancies with HBSwiss’ operational process and we can confirm that it is legit and a safe option for online traders.

Our opinion is based on extensive research and a thorough investigation into the software. We have enough evidence that it delivers positive results. Online investors can trust HBSwiss trading system because it is 100% legit. Regardless of how experienced or skillful you are, you will have an amazing trading experience with HBSwiss.

Review Verdict: HB Swiss is Not a Scam

Customer Service

HBSwiss has many plus points, but one that we are particularly impressed with is its customer support service. The team is very professional and friendly. They can be reached via email, web form and telephone as well.


We have provided enough information and facts about HBSwiss that confirms that the provided service is genuine and 100% reliable. Traders should not think twice before signing up for it because it is a once in a lifetime type of opportunity.

HBSwiss auto trading robot has a proven track record and it is widely accepted within the online trading community as a profitable income generating software. We recommend it wholeheartedly and hope that traders use it to maximize their gains.

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