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What is The Orion Code & Who is Edward Robinson?
Check This 100% Free & Honest OrionCode Review
How to Get Started & Is OrionCode Scam – Read Below!


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Full Review

When great trading systems enter the market, it does not go unnoticed. One such robot is the recently released Orion Code by Edward Robinson.

It is a fully automated system for online investments and possesses impressive characteristics which helped it gain a lot of popularity in the community.

But is the most popular choice the best choice for your online trading endeavors? We spent a lot of time and efforts on investigating Orion Code, so that we can provide you with accurate and unbiased information about this trading robot.

What we found out can be summarized in a few words – Orion Code is a reliable, highly profitable and efficient trading robot which can generate significant profits for its clients. If you wish to learn more details, read further.

Review Verdict: Orion Code is Not a Scam

How to Use?

The Orion Code system is fully automated. Once you fund your trading balance with an accepted minimum deposit of $250, you can activate the Auto Trade mode and it will start placing trades automatically.

If you wish to exert more control over its course of work, you can predetermine the desired risk level, amount of investment per trade and how many trades Orion Code is to execute before it ceases trading for the day.

Orion Code is among the few binary trading robots that allow users to have significant amount of control over its autopilot processes and decisions.

No Download Needed

The Orion Code software is browser-based. As long as you have a stable connection to the Internet, it will be able to place trades on your behalf. You can access it across all operating systems through your preferred browser, and you can also set it to Auto Trade through your mobile device.

Start In 3 Simple Steps

If you want to acquire a FREE license to the Orion Code software, all you have to do is submit some basic details about yourself. These include name, e-mail address and phone number. Your personal information is encrypted and the e-mail and phone you provide will be used only to contact you in regard of your funds transfers.

1. Sign Up – the Orion Code trading robot is available completely for free.

2. Deposit Initial Amount of $250

3. Activate Auto Mode

Once you join the client base of Orion Code, you will be offered a welcoming bonus which will match your initial deposit. You can choose whether to accept it or not.


The success ratio of the Orion Code software, calculated from initial beta testing results, our personal trade test and independent investors’ reports, can reach up to 90% on average.

Orion Code is gradually becoming one of the most profitable and consistent in returns automated trading software.

Cost of Product

You don’t need to make any additional payments in order to get a license for using the OrionCode software. It is free.

Even though this is a state-of-the-art trading software, the creators of OrionCode have managed to keep it free for use, since they get a commission from their recommended brokers for each new client who signs up. These commissions allow Edward Robinson and his team to maintain a very high level of quality for their service.

How Does OrionCode Work?

OrionCode is a piece of software based on the technology first developed for the purposes of quantum computing. Orion Speed quantum technology has been introduced as a branch of quantum development in the recent years.

Its evolution logically led to the creation of a system like Orion Code. It utilizes the power of quantum computing in order to calculate and act faster than almost any other available trading robot currently operating in the binary industry.

Is OrionCode a Scam?

Given the amount of positive feedback we were able to find the Orion Code and our own personal experience with the robot, we can safely conclude that it is not a scam. OrionCode is an authentic trading system and we highly recommend it. The binary option blogger Collin Tyusm states on his site that “… the Orion Code […] is a very well created system. It has beneficial capabilities and is extremely user-friendly. The customer service provided by the OrionCode team can be of great help to anyone who wants to join it. You can access and trade with it from all over the world and you will be able to profit even the same day…

Customer Service

The team that ensures there is constant support for the traders who become clients of Orion Code, is dedicated to provide high quality of their service. You can reach out to them via e-mail or live chat, and you will receive immediately and timely help.


The Orion Code is making a serious statement with its release. It comes equipped with cutting-edge technology, a very user-friendly interface and one of the highest returns on the market. We consider it to be one of the best choices of the second half of 2016 and our team recommends it as a safe choice for trading binary options.

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